I Have A Question For Believers…

…it is conceivable that, given the fragility of lifeforms on this planet, that there could have arisen certain circumstances in the development of the earth and life upon it that conspired to make it so that humankind never evolved to the point that it currently finds itself in. The evidence is there: 99.9% of every species that ever existed has gone extinct and even close ancestors of ours have gone extinct. We would not have been (and still are not) immune from that possibility.

In such a world, in the year 2011, without a single human being (homo sapiens sapiens) living and thinking on the face of the planet, what is the utility of God?


2 thoughts on “I Have A Question For Believers…

  1. Stonyground says:

    Gods only exist in the imaginations of their followers. If there were no life forms intelligent enough to have imagination there would be no gods.

    • Sigh… You’re such a spoilsport, I was trying to lead them to that body of water in the hopes they would partake of some wisdom… In any case, that was indeed my implication 🙂

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