Thank You, Tom Sears!

In a previous post I said “F**k you, Tom Sears” and now I’m saying thank you because Tom Sears graced me with a response to the email I sent him in direct response to his comment that he would be praying for me (and other poor, silly atheists) –

Dear Tom,

Please find below a link to an article I posted on my blog in response to your article in the Daily Star on December 21st 2010 titled ‘Atheists’ numbers doom them to irrelevance’.

In direct response to your comment aimed at atheists (of which I am one) where you say “I will be praying for you” I would like you instead, just for me, if you would, take those hands clasped in prayer, put one of them deep in your pocket and either donate to Doctors Without Borders, a fantastic charity who waste NONE of their moeny[sic] on religious bullshit or, and this is my preferred wish, go out and offer that hand in friendship to the homeless and needy people in your area. Take the time that you would otherwise waste idly in conversation with an imaginary asshole (my subjective opinion of the Abrahamic God) and actually do something useful and productive to help your fellow man and woman.

As the title of my blog article say as an atheist wholly offended by your article I say to you, sir, “F**k you, Tom Sears” and have a Merry Christmas.


Darragh J.

His (rather succinct) response:

It’s too bad that you haven’t been able to discuss issues as an adult and without using child-like language. You seem to be a very troubled individual. I will waste no more time with you.

It was my understanding that most adults discussed issues honestly and openly and admitted when they were wrong or have been challenged on their positions and/or comments, which I did in my earlier post, admittedly the language and style of discussion may have been rather upfront and informal but at no point did I resort to childish name calling or use child-like language (except for perhaps the title of the post, which I would argue, being upfront and honest, was an adult thing to say)

An adult would, for instance, have responded to my critique of their comments. Tom Sears did not. I’d also like to point out that the only time he did actually waste on me (unless he actually read my post) was to write this three line response.

Come on Tom Sears! You said a lot of shit in your article that I (and hundreds of thousands of people who share my lack of belief) have a lot of issues with and I laid them out in a rather direct manner. The least you could do is to deal with some of those concerns!

I urge you all to contact Tom Sears at the email address provided at the bottom of his article and ask him to stand up for his comments and defend them by responding to my issues. It’s the least he can do after (indirectly) calling a significant number of people around the world irrelevant.



One thought on “Thank You, Tom Sears!

  1. Stonyground says:

    I think that the most likely reason that Tom has not responded properly is because he is unable to. His post was riddled with falsehoods and after having those pointed out to him he is left with nowhere to go. The Art of War says that you should always provide your enemy with an escape route. A freethinker would admit that he was wrong and state that he was revising his opinion in the light of new information, that is your escape route Tom, freethought.

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