The Week Thus Far

A random selection of (subjectively) noteworthy news items. Enjoy!

“The Paedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure” has been withdrawn from sale on – which is an issue both of taste, morality and free speech. I’m sure Amazon alreadty has many disclaimers all over their site and their legal framework distancing the company from the views and/or material contained in any of the products they provide, so where is the problem? I haven’t looked at the synopsis or the content overview yet, but provided it’s all very general I can only see this as a guide to understanding how this compulsion manifests and could only equip us further to deal with it better. Check it out, see what your thoughts are. Apparently the author is confident the book will make it’s way back on to Amazon (apologies for linking to the disgrace that is Fox News by the way)

Michael Jackson is still dead, however this hasn’t prevented him from becoming a media sensation once again as people acting on his behalf (entirely for their own financial gain I can only imagine) work up a media storm for his forthcoming posthumous album release.

Cholera has apparently made it’s way into the captial city of Haiti, Port au-Prince, following protests which shut a potential treatment site aimed at stemming the spread of the disease, not promoting it as the protestors claimed. Further proof that medical issues need to rest in the hands of the people qualified to deal with them, not in the hands of public opinion, most especially in a country so deeply mired in superstitious beliefs.

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is still in jail in Iran, convicted of adultery (alleged to have taken place AFTER the death of her husband), however thanks to massive international outcry over her planned execution (and the secret one we weren’t supposed to know about) she is still alive.

Crazy American morons (and you’re thinking “ohdearjebus what now”) have called out Google’s latest Doodle for Veteran’s Day as containing an Islamic crescent moon. Here’s a comparison of the Doodle versus the standard logo, make up your own mind:

Google Doodle/Logo Comparison

Let’s hope next week brings a bit more sanity as he we head closer to Christmas the Season of Tradition-based Superstitious Ritual™

Peace, dj357


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