Superstition can be lethal

It saddens me to see a life lost but this man who died in his home at the foot of Mount Merapi shows how superstitious thinking can be directly lethal. An argument could be made that his death was a noble one, he fought that mountain to his end, but that’s blatantly ridiculous as there was nothing to suggest that the only place he could do that from was his home and he quite easily have evacuated and continued his mumbo-jumbo in a decidedly fruitless effort to somehow combat the inexorable release of volcanic pressure from the very bowels of the earth, with prayers and (what truly amounts to) wishful thinking.

His death was not warranted nor did he deserve it however when one considers his choice given an agonising death or life it’s a supreme moment of “what the fuck were you thinking…”

I dearly hope that he is the last person who dies because of superstitious idiocy, but given the prevalence of witchcraft cohabiting with fundamentalist Christianity in places like Africa (and many other lethal combinations) I fear that hope is as doomed as Grandfather Maridjans attempts to circumvent geology.



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