Go Fuck Yourself Christine…

No, seriously, Christine O’Donnell, go somewhere private, and pleasure yourself. Fuck your brains out. Stop being so ridiculously stupid and repressive and go rub one out.

Masturbation is NOT a moral issue despite what this ridiculous video of yours may claim:

It is a beautiful, private act that no one, not even God has a right to intrude upon. You say in your video that we have God-given sexual desires. The ridiculousness of that claim aside, who the fuck are you to tell anyone else how to interpret those desires…?

You say you’re interpreting God’s words about lust and adultery and trying to apply that to masturbation, since it is such a “selfish” and “lustful” act. Well, so is taking a good looking woman out on a date, even with the most honourable of intentions. Is that a sin? Preparing for yourself and eating a dish that you relish beyond words is also a selfish and lustful act. Is that a sin? (And don’t even try and slide a little gluttony in there!) Being a faithful Christian is a selfish and lustful act too! Why would you pay such attention to God’s decress but to one day find yourself in his graces? Surely it is not all done out of a selfless desire to make God, and only god, happy… And what is it about his graces that are so appelaing to you? Why, he has Eternal Love to give you! Whatever else in the world could inspire more lust in a person that the eternal love of one’s God?

Your sexual repression is tired and boring and it’s also manically backward. The only ‘sinful’ (and I vehemently decry the lunacy of the concept of sin) thing one can do with one’s sexuality is to abuse others or to deny it.

Hey! Even as reprehensible as your views are, I’ll give you a hand if you need it 😉


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