Acceptable Hallucinations

This cat you see here is just as real as the Virgin Mary

This cat you see here is just as real as the Virgin Mary

Why are they only acceptable when they’re religious in nature? Why is it that no one seems to find anything strange about someone who claims to regularly see someone who, if they ever actually existed, has been dead for almost two millennia? Why is it that it’s admirable and even enviable to hallucinate someone who, granting again their dubious claim to having ever existed, threatened little children with damnation and hellfire should they doubt what they saw?

Oh, but, of course, they’ve received special ‘secrets’ and they’ve been blessed…

Well, good for you! Around here we call that a delusion!

Hey kids! Experiencing a significant break from reality? Slap a religious sticker on it and you’ll be lauded for your connection to the Divine!

Here’s a question for you, why the hell do we never see Mohammed appearing in lands full of Christians or Jews? Why does the Virgin Wench only appear in areas of devout Catholicism? How come there are no Saudis hallucinating her Wholly-inappropriate-ness? Or Sri Lankans, or Buddhists or Protestants?

It’s obvious. It’s because they are either 1) liars or 2) delusional. If six Muslim children children of Muslim parents told their village that they had witnessed an apparition of the Virgin Mare, how easily would this be accepted? Small wonder then that a religious area experiences a claim of an apparition specifically linked to their communal delusion of choice and doesn’t stop for a second to think if it’s even possible, let alone rational.

If you see shit that no one else sees, go seek professional help. Stay the f**k away from religious whack-jobs who will capitalise on your ignorance and innocence in the name of their glorious delusions.



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