…if God were real.

Imagine how awesome that would be! Imagine, that there would be an entity out there, who had created all this vast mind-blowing universe and was willing to share the secrets of existence with us. He could show us how he crafted the neutrino or a pulsar or a cell, or he could teach us about the fine-tuning of universal constants. He could tell us all about Dark Matter! We could ask those gigantic life questions and get an answer! We would have someone to appeal to in times of strife. We could find solace in his existence. We could rage against him if he was unjust. Science would be simultaneously turned on it’s head and propelled forward incalculably towards a unified theory of everything. Imagine discussing Quantum Mechanics with the creator of the universe! Imagine we were way off. Or, imagine we were spot on…! What a rush! What a thrill! Imagine we could finally say once and for all who, if anyone, is responsible for all the suffering in the world, and if he wasn’t, imagine the collaborations we could make to improve the world!


And then wake up to the realisation that the great religions of the world worship a God who is obesessed with sex, violence and strict adherence to (mostly) irrational rules under pain of eternal damnation, one version of whom demands a sacrifice in the form of foreskin, many versions of whom treat women as second class citizens.

Which God would you prefer?


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