Ireland and the 21st Century


Hooray, it seems the once twain are coming together. Ireland is finally moving into the 21st century with the no-contest passing of the Civil Partnerships Bill through the Dail last night.

Well done Ireland. Now just get off your bum, finish the rest of the stuff that needs to be signed to get this Bill active and implemented and we’ll be flying it. Oh, and by the way, you missed a bit:

Glen spokesman Brian Sheehan pointed out while the legislation was important, there were still key omissions. For example, it did not provide any right for same-sex couples with children to be legally recognised as joint parents, he said.

Do be a dear and fix that will you?

And to the Catholic Church, I would like to proclaim it loud and proud, and I would do it from the rooftops if there were any nearby: FUCK. YOU.

The legislation has been criticised by Catholic bishops who say it undermines the institution of marriage. They have also called for a “freedom of conscience” provision which would allow registrars to opt out of officiating at same-sex unions.

Your so-called ‘freedom of conscience’ does not give you the right to ignore the legally given rights of others. You don’t have to like it, but you had best shut the hell up and grin and bear it. Religious-based (or any other kind for that matter)  discrimination is not to be tolerated anywhere, at anytime. So take your bronze-age mentality, and kindly piss off.

Also, Minister Ahern, get your head out of your ass, marriage is a redundant institution and it’s no longer necessary in the 21st century:

Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern has insisted the law has been carefully drafted to ensure that it does not undermine the constitutional position of marriage.

That being said, if you’re gay and proud, and you really want to get married, enjoy your new-found freedom as soon as you can!

peace, dj357


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