Roaming Caps are not enough

teh interwebsThe EU is saying that while Roaming charges from European Mobile Network operators are coming down, they are not low enough.

The European Commission’s interim report on roaming published today found roaming call costs had fallen by more than 70 per cent since 2005 and sending a text message between EU member states now costs 60 per cent less.

One of the sentences in this article is one that most people would simply skim over and just accept, but it has me doing a double-take:

Interim report finds prices coming down, but competition still not strong enough

Am I the only one who thinks this should be about reasonable pricing for such available technology…? Or is money really anyone cares about…?

[rant warning]

I mean, am I alone in saying that this is the 21st frakkin’ century and we should be paying next to nothing for our telecommunications? And by next to nothing, I mean 2c or 3c for EVERY text and call per minute. (if not free, but clearly free would never work as they are run and owned by businesses and aside from the ‘need’ for profit, the upkeep of the systems is clearly costly)

On a related note, internet access should be free with unlimited bandwidth. Again, this IS the 21st century, what’s the point of being so technologically advanced and still requiring that people pay to be able to transmit information across the world (which should be free, even if the upkeep of the systems isn’t)

Three cheers to Finland for making Broadband access a legal right! That’s a step closer to the 21st century, that’s for sure! And as for issues with filesharers, hooray to Finland for not deciding to cut off access of people discovered doing it. Copyright issues and filesharing debates are mired in laws that were made for the era before the internet and computers. They need to be updated and revised. Pronto.


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