Incontrovertible Facts

So, I figure it’s time to lay down some facts up in this thing here.

The following are a series of facts about life and the universe, and anyone who doubts these facts is a moron, or psychologically unbalanced:

a) Adam and Eve are fictional characters (as recently reiterated by the inimitable P.Z. Myers)

b) The age of the Universe can be measured in the billions of years. Not millions. Not thousands. Billions.

c) Water does not have memory.

d) Related to c, Homeopathic remedies display no greater efficacy than, and are exactly the same as, placebos. (try overdosing on them sometime, a truly unremarkable experience is sure to follow)

e) Masturbation is not immoral (it is in fact quite a healthy pastime in moderation)

f) Sex before marriage is not immoral (it is in fact healthy to understand yourself sexually before committing to someone)

g) Homosexuality is neither immoral nor does it lead directly or logically to any of society’s major ills

h) There has not once been an event in recorded history that irrefutably has no other possible explanation but the existence and/or interference of a God or gods

i) Prayer, aside from its galvanising social aspects, it’s psychological effects and fostering of community spirit, is not an effective strategy.

j) Human moral sensibilities do not come from a holy book (despite what you may think)

k) A girl/woman who has been raped does not deserve to be stoned (regardless of tradition or custom or belief)

l) Climate Change is a fact (global temperatures are rising, as are sea levels)

m) Human beings cannot subsist on sunlight and water alone.

n) Evolution is a documented fact of life.

o) Dinosaurs did not live with humans.

p) Divining rods (for anything) do not work with a greater efficacy than pure random chance

q) Psychics and Mediums do not display any abilities that cannot be easily and adequately explained by various non-supernatural methods such as cold reading

(expect various updates to this list to follow over the coming weeks and months)

It’s that simple folks. Take it or leave it. Oh, and if you do choose to leave any of it, don’t expect anyone to take you seriously. Ever.

And if you think that’s rough, these things are simply facts. No opinions, no bias. Just plain, cold, hard facts. If you read bias, that’s your bias you’re seeing. If you see opinion, it’s quite probably the bit in parentheses that I’ve tacked on and isn’t directly part of the fact.


dj357 burns....!!!


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