Education is never a bad thing

Feels so good...too bad it's criminal...

Feels so good...too bad it's criminal...

What the hell is wrong with the world today…? It has been proven time and time again that Sex Education, and Education in general, is the best tool you can use to combat teenage idiocy (i.e. irresponsible sexual conduct). Educating people about the dangers of HIV and the methods that can be taken to prevent transmission is best way to combat that issue. Educating people about birth control and contraceptives is the best way to combat teenage or unwanted pregnancies.

So, why the hell could anyone possibly complain about Ontario deciding to implement a more wide-reaching and more intelligent Sex Ed curriculum…?

Oh, right, it’s because they’re morons. (Read “Christian”).

How in the world could teaching children about the FUCKING REAL WORLD be “close to criminal“?!?! Apologies for my fervour in yelling about this issue, but seriously. WHAT. THE. FUCK. ?

I agree there is a time and a place for certain topics and certain discussions, but Sex Education is always pertinent and always important. It cannot be understated that good Sex Education is vital not only for healthy sexual conduct, but also for healthy personal emotional development. Being uneducated in the world of sex and biology (as it relates to sexual matters) leaves you unprepared for those kind of intimate relationships. People get very easily pressured into unhealthy situations when they do not truly understand the ramifications and the consequences of what they are getting involved in.

I would never be dumb enough to espouse any kind of abstinence or “no sex before marriage” bullshit, but it is vitally important that Sex Education is not only taught in a completely impartial manner, but also in the most relevant, applicable and (most importantly) reasonable manner. It’s not reasonable to be educating 5 year olds about the importance of delaying sex as long as possible to ensure emotional maturity, but it IS important to pave the way for these lessons through other personal development education. Likewise it’s not relevant or reasonable to be teaching 7 year olds about oral and anal sex, but 9 or 10 is certainly a reasonable cut-off. In the developed world youngsters (sad to say I can’t actually use that term to describe myself anymore) are being exposed to social and sexual situations that challenge their emotional and personal development at a younger age. The more prepared they are before they come in contact with these situations the better. And I’m not talking about this from a “keeping teen pregnancy rates low” point of view. If don’t give a f**k about teen pregnancy rates or the average age of first sexual encounter. The important thing is emotional maturity and development. If children are taught what is happening, why it is happening, what one should do, and how one should feel about it (reasonably) in intimate social or sexual situations their interactions and their own development will flourish in these situations as they will be able to apply their current development and all the lessons they have learned and they will be able to process these situations in a healthy manner.

Now, the criminal part. It is IMPOSSIBLE, and I have to stress this, to rule ANY kind of education as criminal. It’s just plain impossible. Now, it may legally possible, but reasonably and rationally, it’s not possible. Education is the act of imparting facts about the world unto others. The intent behind the education and the circumstances surrounding the education may be subject to investigation however it should be impossible to rule any kind of education (imparting of facts) as criminal. Anal sex is fact. Teaching about it is not criminal. Oral sex is a fact. Teaching about it is not criminal. All of those parents who feel they should be left in charge of sexual education and not the education system Take a f**king look around!! Parents are the main responsible party for this type of education these days. What a bang-up job they are doing! AIDS, HIV, STIs and teenage pregnancies running rampant all over the world, and these geniuses believe they should be left in charge? I think not. Any responsible parent should be adamant that their child receive as much knowledge as possible about one of the most important parts of human social interaction they will experience throughout their lives and the sooner the better!

But no, it’s “criminal” to teach 12 year olds about masturbation. A perfectly normal, morally mute (neither good nor bad) action which occurs amongst some children before they even reach 12!

If you truly think teaching children about masturbation, anal or oral sex, or even about homosexuality, is criminal, it should be criminal to be as stupid and closed-minded as you. It should also be criminal to allow parents to take exception to the education given to their children based on religious grounds.


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