Proust and Narcissism

So, I seem to have been posting here a lot lately (primarily today as we’re not that busy :P) so I figured I’d post some personal stuff in the guise of witty narcissism. The following is my answers to the “Proust questionairre” which is commonly used when interviewing famous people for magazine articles etc…

Here goes.

Your favorite virtue: Honesty or Rationality. I can’t decide. Rationality bespeaks a level of Honesty though…
Your favorite qualities in a man: Sensitivity, Self-confidence and Integrity.
Your favorite qualities in a woman: Self-confidence, Intelligence and Wit.
Your chief characteristic: Brutal Honesty.
What you appreciate the most in your friends: That they don’t mind be ignoring them or being anti-social. Not too much anyway.
Your main fault: There are two connected ones: Impatience and Laziness. I get impatient about things I’m working on and lazy in doing them so I move on to other things without finishing the things I was already working on.
Your favourite occupation: Creativity. It’s hard to nail it down to Singer/Songwriter or Graphic Designer, Games Developer, Author, Poet etc… My favourite occupation is being creative. Whatever that may entail in a given situation.
Your idea of happiness: Doing what I want, when I want, how I want for as long as I want and to have it not impact other people.
Your idea of misery: Spending the rest of my life pushing people away and being unable to complete anything real because I keep jumping onto new things too quickly.
If not yourself, who would you be? An animal. Most likely a cat or a dog.
Where would you like to live? Right now, Germany.
Your favourite colour and flower: Red and probably any kind of orange flower or plant.
Your favorite prose authors: David Eddings. There are too many others to name and they fluctuate depending on my mood and my current pile of “To-Do” books, but Eddings will be a favourite for a long while.
Your favorite poets: William Wordsworth. In general, his poetry captured my awe and wonder at the natural world and the beauty of the universe when I began studying it in secondary school. It’s stayed with me since.
Your favorite heroes in fiction: Hamlet. Captain Jean Luc Picard. And Garion from the Belgariad series by David Eddings.
Your favorite heroines in fiction: Captain Katherine Janeway.
Your favorite painters and composers: Colonel Samantha Carter.
Your heroes in real life: Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and my dad.
Your favorite heroines in real life: My mum. She’s been through a lot of shit and she’s still going, even though it scares the crap out of her most days.
What characters in history do you most dislike: Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Abraham, Hitler and every single Pope that ever was.
Your heroines in World history: Marie Curie and Jane Goodall.
Your favorite food and drink: Pizza and Milk.
What I hate the most: Organised Religion and closed minded people. Especially the ones who claim that I am closed minded because I won’t listen to their bullshit because I know they are closed minded and I couldn’t be bothered arguing with them because I know I’ll be talking to a wall.
The military event I admire the most: It’s blithely idealistic and naive, and I know it is in human nature to have conflict, but I do not admire any kind of military action whatsoever. The liberation of oppressed people is a wondrous thing, but even more wondrous would it be sans the presence of a military force.
The natural talent I’d like to be gifted with: To put all my other talents to work effectively.
How I wish to die: Awake, but preferably not suffering. I always used to say in my sleep, but since I would be unaware of it, I would much prefer to bathe in the knowledge that I was taking my final breath and to be able to say farewell to the universe.
What is your present state of mind: Happy. Generally. My need for solitude gets in the way sometimes, and I am extremely frustrated at the lack of progress I am making with all my various projects (because I’m spreading myself too thin and always coming up with new projects to distract me from the others) but I am happy. I have my autonomy outside of work, and I am making progress, however slow, with everything, so I am positive.
For what fault have you most toleration? The ones that are unavoidable.
Your favorite motto: “There is grandeur in this view of life.”
Your motto: “Think for yourself. Live for yourself. Always question everything. Never back down. Unless you’re wrong.”


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