Homosexuality and Nature

I just finished reading this article and I think it deserves a read by everyone I can get to read it. Thanks to Richard Prins for the link.

I used to have in my head, as part of a repertoire of arguments against Anti-Homosexuality laws, policies and bigotry, an argument that, in actual fact, homosexuality is a phenomenon among animals all over the world and so who are we to condemn it as wrong or immoral or illegal. Now, though, I’ve had a re-think. Yes, the fact that non-reproductive sexual acts occur amongst species the world over, but this has absolutely nothing, and I must repeat nothing, to do with whether we view it as wrong or right, legal or illegal? As anti-gay campaigners rightly point out, rape and other awful acts occur in nature also, but this doesn’t imply that we would accept similar behaviour in our society. Society is the one who defines what is acceptable, not nature.

The true reason for anyone being Anti-Gay is because they believe that that kind of behaviour inherently leads to moral depravity. Ask any bible-thumping “fag-hater” and they will tell you; amongst all the religious b.s. there will be the (patently false) implication that homosexuality is morally depraved and is only conducted by those of moral deficiency.

Here’s the kicker: even if it were true that all homosexuals were murderers or rapists, and even it were the case that homosexual or non-reproductive sexual acts did not occur in nature, it still doesn’t make homosexuality wrong, immoral or give any basis for discriminating against homosexuals in any way shape or form.

Forget the “it’s natural” defence. Forget the “homosexuals aren’t inherently immoral” argument. Sexual orientation is neither moral nor immoral. It’s a choice. (Granted some people view it as inborn, or genetic or a lifestyle, but this is largely unimportant to my point). And, like all choices in this wonderful world that we live in, so long as it harms no one, and does not directly lead to the harm of others, it is no one’s concern but the people involved. (This is not unfortunately true in all aspects of the law, but this is part of my campaign to make it so). So long as everyone’s rights are being respected, I don’t care if you go home every night and spend your free time having sex with your same-sex partner. I don’t care if you make out with your same-sex boyfriend in front of me. I don’t care if you hold hands. I don’t care if you display an alarmingly precise knowledge of fashion and upholstery techniques. Neither should anyone else. Homosexuality is ok by me. And, logically, it’s ok by everyone else too. Some people just haven’t gotten the message yet.

And to those of you who want to preach God’s condemnation of “filthy fags”, your God is a moron. You are morally reprehensible, your God does not exist (in all his idiocy) and your views are invalid because you refuse to listen to reason. Go beat your children some more so we can rescue them from you and keep your wife out of the hospital.



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