On St. Patrick

Happy St. Patrick’s Day…

Why? What’s so happy about it? Granted it’s a public holiday and I’m all for public holidays, but why are we celebrating an ancient evangelist whose greatest “achievement” is nothing more than legend…? (you could even call it a “rural myth”)

St. Patrick’s Day should be a celebration of Irish culture and heritage, not a celebration of some ancient bible thumper come to convert us all from our pagan ways. Granted there is a lot of focus on these things, but it could still do with a rejigging and a shift of focus directly on these aspects.

Someone should also come up with a “bah-humbug” epithet that would do for St. Patrick’s Day.  Oh, and on another note, to all you Americans out there, WHO THE FRAK IS ST. PATTY? It’s Paddy with TWO D’s (D for DELTA), or just plain Patrick. Man, that bugs me sometimes!

And finally, why does everyone insist on bathing their livers in green piss (or beer as others like to call it) for the entire day? I know we Irish are drunks, or so the world would have us believe, but is it truly necessary to get absolutely legless everytime we’re not working, or there’s even the remotest excuse for a party??


As I said, Happy St. Patrick’s day! 😉


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