An Unknowable God…

I was just checking out the Australian show “Q and A” featuring Richard Dawkins as a panelist and the title of the show was “God, Science and Sanity”. I must admit I found Stephen Fieldings constant reply to questions “Well, look, ya know, I think people will come to their own conclusion” to be remarkably unsurprising since he believes the world is less than 4 billion years old (despite not actually saying this directly!). It seems to be a common tactic of these people to dodge explictly saying they believe things that are bat-shit crazy in front of an audience of people who would see it as exactly that. Though planted beside Richard Dawkins, you can hardly blame the guy for not saying directly “Jesus is my saviour and you’re all going to burn in Hell for believing in Darwin’s lies” (or something to that effect).

However, the main thing that grabbed my attention was the comment of Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio who quoted an ‘amazing Jewish philosopher’ as saying that

“…the second you begin to define God, you limit God. God is un-understandable…the second you begin to grapple with that, you begin to limit what God is…”

The host, Tony Jones, asked Richard Dawkins if he thought this was “clever sophistry” and while that would be an apt descriptor for that pile of toss, it’s not enough. To say that God is un-understandable is to completely negate any need for God, any reason to believe in God and any reason to have religion around at all.

If we cannot understand God, we cannot hope to interpret anything he has to say about life, or the world around us, or, indeed, how we should live our lives. Christian, Muslims and Jews alike all base their religious observances, rituals and dogmas around their individual understanding and who God is, what God is and what he demands of us as apparent creator of the universe. But if it is impossible to define any of this because that would be limiting what God is, who God is, or what he wants then God is merely man-made bullshit.

This is not “clever sophistry” or “amazing philosophy”, it’s just plain gullibility and naivety and it makes a mockery of the supposed “reason” that religions are said to bring to the world. If your God is un-understandable, and yet you make the claim that a “Holy” book says that your God wants male childrens penises mutilated then you are falling prey to idiocy, plain and simple.

To then consequently claim that you have a monopoly on the “Truth” is to move into the realm of sheer delusion.


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