Blond and Pabst

I just read this article and as soon as I saw this line:

Richard Dawkins’s barely literate polemic “The God Delusion”….

I had to immediately stop reading and blog about these inane dunderheads.

The word polemic is used to describe arguments used against a widely held beliefs, but Christian commentators on the so-called “New Atheists” consistently use this word, just one in their book of “Words we think sound cool and make us look great and makes those other guys smell like doo-doo but we don’t really understand them”, as if it was some sort of argument against the argument itself. No self-respecting intellectual would say “Thomson’s paper on anti-gravity emitters? Oh it’s just polemic.” and leave it at that, which is what most of these commentators do, but these two knuckleheads go even further.

They have the audacity to call the published writings of an Oxford-educated scholar and a world-reknowned scientist “barely literate”….?!

I’m sorry but have you guys looked in a dictionary yet? “Barely literate” is what you call 1 in 10 american children who live in poverty and whose parents can’t afford to educate them properly or they end up in gangs etc… “Barely literate” is what you call the goatherders who wrote the Bible (by our standards, despite the poetry of a lot of the prose). “Barely literate” is NOT what you call a college educated Professor of Biology. No matter how badly he humiliates you for believing in fairies and hobgoblins and magical men in the sky.

Right, now that’s out of the way, let’s move on with the article…

Oh dear, not even a paragraph later, but in the same paragraph that old Hitler/Stalin argument which has been debunked ad nauseum:

Sam Harris’…”The End of Faith” has to falsify history by claiming that Hitler and Stalin were religious in order to make its case for the malign influence of faith.

Sam Harris was not implying that Stalin was deeply religious, but merely that Stalin wanted to be in control of the Church and may have been religious himself, but that his religion or lack thereof was NOT in any meaningful way a contributing factor to his atrocious acts. And Hitler…? Well, I’m sorry, but anyone who makes his subordinates wear paraphernalia that explicitly says “God with Us” is definitely religious, and his diatribe (which is a good adjective for his writings and NOT accurate at all when describing Sam Harris’ book) “Mein Kampf” explictly states that Hitler believed that God was on his side in his campaign of hatred and genocide against the Jews.

Oh, and by the way: YAWN…

having just realised that the article is over 4 years old, I’m going to stop writing this post now and just click submit…












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