So, this is going to be an entirely spontaneous post as I haven’t updated in ages, chose the topic out of the air and am in the middle of work right now.

Paranormal: ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, talking with the dead, psychic visions and all of that crap pisses me off. You always hear people saying “we don’t know everything, XYZ could be real!” and yes, this is a reasonable position, not the most reasonable, as a position of non-belief makes more sense in such situations, but what really galls me is that these people can put a name to the unknown. Like people are able to say “God wants this or God wants that” even though it is written in most holy books that God’s mind is unknowable, so do people define the eerie feeling they get when entering an unfamiliar, empty house at night as it being (specifically, more often than not) caused by the spirits of people who used to live there and lived wicked lives that tainted the house. It is JUST as ridiculous a claim as knowing what this or that god wants or thinks.

Now, I am entirely open to the position that we do not know everything, in fact it’s a position I endorse fully, but to say we do not know everything and to then turn around and try to define something we do not know or cannot explain in such a specific manner as the “eternal souls of the departed” having caused the floorboards to creak smacks of both hypocrisy and a complete lack of critical and logical thinking.

The paranormal is an area that describes things that seem to rest outside the natural world we have come to understand very well, and just as the Christian God increasingly became seen as a “god-of-the-gaps” since the Middle Ages (filling only the gaps in our current scientific knowledge and not providing any self-sustaining evidence) so too has the paranormal become a “science-of-the-gaps”. Though pseudoscience is in fact the correct term for such arseholery as the paranormal has nothing substantative, repeatable or reliable to offer. Anecdotes, “feelings” and “auras” have never been accepted as substantive evidence for anything in critical thinking minds. The paranormal is, at best, simply the driftwood of all the destroyed myths and legends of ghosts and spirits and what-have-you that has gathered in one vaguely cohesive pile that needs to be set alight by the fires of reason. People admit to seeing apparitions, waking to see demons or ghosts at the end of their beds, seeing or hearing objects move apparently of their own accord, yet none of this can be recorded, studied, substantiated, verified or, most importantly, repeated under strict experimental conditions.

If something as basic as gravity could not be proven in a lab in such a fashion, with predictable results, that only vary based on the variation of impinging factors, we would have to, as rational minds, dismiss it as simply a chance convergence of various other factors that we cannot capture and assess and cannot fully explain at this point in time. We would most certainly NOT imagine invisible fairies inhabiting a parallel dimension to ours, out of phase enough that we cannot see them and yet not enough that they cannot affect changes in our dimension, who can fly through the air and move objects in our dimension towards the ground when possible, objects ranging from hammers dropped from buildings and people to raindrops and snowflakes.

Ghosts, Mediums, Poltergeists, Gods (though that’s a different discussion), Magic, Spirits and all these other flights of fancy are all EXACTLY the same as the invisible Fairy Movers (a.k.a Gravity). Completely without substance.



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