Ireland has found a Time Machine…

It’s the only possible reason I can find for the Irish Government attempting to revive the medieval offence of Blasphemy.

Quite a few weeks ago, Justice Minister Mr. Dermot Ahern decided that it was time now, in the 21st century, in a democratic, multicultural nation full of various different cultures, beliefs and religious persuasions, to make it an offence to publicly say anything that is found to “cause offence” to any “beliefs held sacred” among “a large number of proponents of those beliefs” that is “intended to cause offence” and that cannot be shown to have any “literary, artistic, political, scientific, or academic value” that a “reasonable” person would attribute to it.

Thankfully, groups such as Atheist Ireland, the Humanist Association of Ireland, the Midwest Humanists and many international groups have taken great exception to this archaic, anachronistic, and, frankly, bat-shit crazy attempt by the Irish Government to reinstate an offence that, in it’s time, was commonly punishable by such things as Stoning, Burning at the Stake and Hanging, not to mind the torture that would have been inflicted before the actual ritual.

On the one hand, I find it extremely amusing that religious people feel that it’s necessary for the most powerful entity in the entire universe, by their reckoning, to be protected by the arbitrary rules of the common man. On the other hand, however, I find it highly insulting to my intelligence and my sensibilities that the Government feels that it can protect ideas from being ridiculed, but only those ideas which they believe to be worth protecting.

Those of you out there who are against this ridiculous nonsense, like me, please check out the following pages, and pledge your support against this outrage in any way you can:

The Church of Dermotology (a Facebook group set up by Atheist Ireland)


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