Midwest Humanists/Atheist/Agnostics

Hi all, just got back from a rather enlightening meeting of the Midwest Humanists, a mish-mash organisation made up of Humanist Association of Ireland members, and other interested Heathens such as Atheists and Agnostic, and the turnout was brilliant. The organisers had said the previous two meetings, held in a hotel lobby over coffee had consisted of four people, and we had approx. 14 at today’s meeting. A brilliant showing of Freethinking people in the Midwest, most living mainly in the Limerick/Tipperary area, and a lovely Canadian backpacker.

We all had a good chat, introduced ourselves, had a discussion over the intended goals of the organisation, details of the HAI AGM from a few weeks ago, and details therein pertaining to the focus of the HAI and the Midwest Humanists. We all had a laugh, threw our opinions around and it was all-in-all an “I want more of this” experience for me 😀


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