I HATE BigBrother!!!


BB is a member of forums and he keeps trying to tell me that Anti-Theism is EQUAL TO / SYNONMOUS WITH Atheism, and he is so horribly, horribly wrong, and he just will NOT admit it!!! Argh….!!!

Sorry, this was just an argh post really…….



3 thoughts on “AAAAAaaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh!!!!

  1. This is RSM from I wish you better luck than I had when I accidentally came out to my family. Relationships became so abusive that I had to cut contact. I know Richard Dawkins encourages people to come out. Some families frown a bit at first, maybe throw a couple of fits, and then get over it. Some families disown or excommunicate immediate family members–maybe kick kids out of the house, divorce spouses, disinherit offspring. I think each of us needs to evaluate our own personal situation and the risks involved before we come out.

    I am in a life situation where I don’t need my biological relatives, and I have not come out to the people who are important to me such as landlady and neighbours. I told close friends whom I know I can trust. Basically, I learned via trial and error whom and how to tell.

    I am not familiar with the Anglican Church. Will you need a legal paper document to be sure you are taken off the records, if this is important to you? I’ve heard of ex-RC people who went through this process. I’m exMennonite and they’re eager to take you off if you don’t measure up. Their aim is to keep the church pure and undefiled. When I say I don’t believe in God, they turn cold like a light is turned off.

    All the best to your coming-out if you decide to go that route.

  2. Oops! That comment was supposed to be for the entry about coming out. I don’t know my way around blogs and I don’t know how to correct my mistake. Sorry. I might never again find your blog (I clicked on your sig from RD) but you can find my forums or maybe see me on RD.

  3. I’ve half a mind to go find that boy and take him over my knee for a good ass-whooping! I think he’s in denial. He’s really trying hard to be an atheist, but he feels guilty about it. 😉

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